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January 10, 2019 AVD Press Release
American Vanguard Acquires Brazilian Agricultural Distributor

纽波特海滩,加利福尼亚 - 2019年1月10日 - 美国先锋公司(NYSE:AVD),今天宣布收购二附院巴西有限责任公司,Agrovant和防御性的。成立于2000年,这些合并后的业务已经成为作物保护产品和微量元素,年销售额近2000万$,并主要集中在水果和蔬菜的细分市场快速增长的供应商。没有被披露这一交易的财务条款。

Eric Wintemute, Chairman and CEO of American Vanguard commented, “Our acquisition of Agrovant and Defensive expands our access to the Brazilian agricultural sector, which at approximately $9 billion ranks as the largest crop protection market in the world. This distribution franchise located in the province of Sao Paulo consists of 35 full-time employees complemented by a group of experienced commissioned sales agents. Company management has been highly successful at driving significant revenue and earnings growth, while maintaining excellent control of working capital, credit risk, and debt financing.”

Wintemute先生继续说:“类似我们在中美洲收购了Grupo AgriCenter的扩张之后,2017年年末,本次交易提供美国先锋了坚实的平台,为营销AMVAC产品,分销来自第三方厂商的产品,并为提供支持亚博娱乐官网引进南美SIMPAS™处方种植系统。除了Agrovant /现有的水果和蔬菜的强势地位防守的,公司将继续广泛巴西大豆市场的渗透。我们也期望在玉米,棉花和甘蔗段扩大参与,以及高利润,快速增长的$ 2十亿微量元素的市场。”

Mr. Wintemute concluded, “We will have the benefit of continued leadership from Mr. John Redfern, the current CEO of Agrovant/Defensive, who will remain directly involved in the business through 2021. By combining this excellent distribution franchise with AMVAC’s portfolio of products and equipment systems, we have created a very dynamic participant in the Brazilian agricultural marketplace and a significant contributor to the overall growth of American Vanguard’s international business.”

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